Mass Schedule

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Mass Schedule: Saturday at 4:30 pm.
Sunday Masses, usually at 12:00 pm, Noon, are canceled until further notice.
Masses at Resurrection are said in English, but check our
Mass schedule for occasional Polish Masses


Dec. 3

3:00  - Parish Meeting.  All are welcome to discuss the future of the parish!   

Dec. 3 

4:30 PM - Mass, said in memory of Dave Lump, offered by his wife Ruth.  Fr Sr. Nowak presiding.

Dec. 10 

4:30 PM - Mass, said in memory of Joseph Ziawinski Maternal Dziadzi of Gigi Hopkins  Fr Sr. Nowak presiding.

Dec. 17 

4:30 PM - Mass, said in memory of Dorothy Nowak, offered by her husband Dick Nowak.
Also said in memory of Ronald Bomia, father of Sherry Martin
Also in memory of Genevieve Dragg, mother of Gigi Hopkins

Fr Sr. Nowak presiding.

Dec. 24

4:30 PM Christmas Eve Mass, said in memory of Bob Kirk, offered by his wife Jennie. Fr Sr. Nowak presiding.

Dec. 25

12:30 PM Christmas Day Mass, Fr Sr. Nowak presiding.

Dec. 31

Noon - 2:00 PM - Free Soup Saturday. Donations accepted for the New Beginnings Mercy House, Ida, MI.

Dec. 31

4:30 PM Mass, said in memory of Wayne Kott, offered by Resurrection Parish. Fr Sr. Nowak presiding.

*****************************PRAYER LIST*************************************


Jennifer Patay, Dorothy Smith, William Stern, Jennie Kirk, Lindsay Stieve, Nan Cramer (wife of Fr. John Cramer),  Betty Coker, Matthew Robinson, Carrie M., Savanna George, Stephanie and John Ulery,  Jackie Berry, Marty McGurk, Andrea Saltzman, Helen Mitchell (mother of Diane Harris), Dave Beutler, John Dougherty, Jennifer Hart for healing, Deacon Richard, Brian Burgard, son-in-law of Richard and Paulette Fisher, Barb Hite, Very Rev. Gregory Mludzik, Jacquie Menna, Amber Cullip, Maizie Menna, niece of Ty Menna, Ed Hite, Sherry Martin, Amy Miller sister of Jennifer Patay, Zigmund Nowak, father of Fr. Sr. Nowak, Rhonda, requested by a friend of Resurrection Parish, Ben Tallerico for healing, R.L. Laura, Jamie Gilette fighting cancer, Mel McCloskey, Gigi Hopkins for healing, Katie Macaro, Rob Pawloski, Donald Thompson, Bob Hudson. Dave Reinhardt for healing, Dean Kerste for healing, Sue Stough, Devorah Shulamit, Chuck Hopkins (husband of Gigi), Kathy and Phil Miller, Anne Kay, Marilyn Kimberlain, Pat and Jerry Zdawczyk, Carolyn Belair, Doug Tansel, Wendy Towle, Mike Burgess, , Sally Lump, Tatiana Dahmoun, the family of Larry Ricica, Keith Girard, Pamela Rybka, Brenda Jewell, daughter of Dave and Carol Reinhardt,  for a generous benefactor, the family of Matt McGurk, Phyllis Kustra, Ronda Dryer.